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This website (hereinafter referred to as Site) is operated by New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as NJR). In accessing and using the Site, please acknowledge, and agree to abide by the following terms of use (Terms).

NJR may revise these Terms at any time without any prior notice, so please visit this page from time to time to review the then current Terms. This Site may contain links to websites operated by NJR’s group companies or other persons or entities. If you access and use such website, please review the applicable terms of each website.


  1. NJR makes no representations or warranties as to, including without limitation, the accuracy, fitness for a particular purpose, or completeness of the information on this Site. NJR may alter or delete the information of this Site at any time without any prior notice.
  2. NJR makes no representations or warranties as to, including without limitation, the function or safety of this Site. NJR may suspend or discontinue the services provided through this Site at any time without any prior notice.
  3. In no event shall NJR be liable for any damages related to or arising out of any technical inaccuracies or typographical errors provided on this Site, alterations or deletions of the information on this Site, inability to use this Site, or suspensions or discontinuance of the services provided through this Site, even if NJR is expressly advised of the possibility of such damages.

Intellectual property rights


“© New Japan Radio Co.,Ltd.”

  • This Site and all products/services information, technical information on this Site, and the materials to express them such as, including without limitation, text, graphics, images, audio and video clips, and music in whole or in part (collectively, “Contents”) are protected by copyright laws and other applicable laws. Except for personal use or other specific use permitted under the laws, duplication, public transmission, modification, deletion and reproduction of the Contents from this Site are prohibited under the laws, without obtaining NJR’s prior permission.
  • You are required to contact NJR to obtain permission before making use of the Contents. NJR may refuse to grant permission to use the Contents that are owned by another rights holder or evaluated by NJR as being inappropriate.
  • When using the Contents with NJR’s permission, you are required to display the copyright notice specified by NJR.
  • Rights to the trademarks, product names and logos of NJR, or other person or entity appearing on this Site, belong to NJR or such other person or entity, and are protected under the Trademark Act, the Unfair Competition Prevention Act and other applicable laws. Usage of such trademarks, product names and logos without authorization from NJR, or such other person or entity, is prohibited.
  • You are required to make a contract with NJR before making use of its trademarks, product names and logos.

Linking to this Site

  1. When linking to this Site (including listing the URLs of this Site in a printed publication such as magazines, books or advertising materials), please contact us from the online form.
  2. In principle, you are required to link to the top page (https://www.njr.co.jp/).
  3. Linking to this Site from a website which falls, or is likely to fall, under any of the following items is not permitted:

    • Website containing contents which intend to libel or defame NJR, its group companies or their officers, their employees, or any other person or entity.
    • Website containing contents which are deleterious to public order and morals, such as a website encouraging illegal activities or containing illegal or sexually explicit contents.
    • Website presented in a manner that could create some mistaken impression of a collaborative or corporative relationship between the operator of the website linking to the Site and NJR, or the mistaken impression that NJR certifies or supports the website on which the link appears.
    • Website evaluated by NJR as being inappropriate.
  4. You agree to immediately remove the link to this Site if you breach any of the provisions specified in item 3. above.

About links

This Site may contain links to other websites (herein after referred to as Linked Sites). Linked Sites are independently operated and maintained by third parties and are not under the control of NJR, and in no event shall NJR be liable for the contents and use of Linked Sites. The inclusion of such links does not mean that NJR has any particular relationship with the person or entity that operates the Linked Sites, except as expressly provided in this Site such as its group company or agency, nor that NJR recommends the contents of Linked Sites.

Proposal and offers

  1. NJR has the policy to not accept proposals, other than as requested by NJR, for, including without limitation, new or improved products, technologies, processes, marketing methods, or design.
  2. As to the proposals, other than accepted as to be reviewed notwithstanding above 1., NJR has neither confidential obligation nor obligation to review.

Export control

In case of exporting (including transporting to a foreign country and disclosing to non-residents) technologies or programs obtained from this Site or products purchased through this Site, you are requested to comply with the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law, the U.S. Export Administration Act and any other applicable laws and regulations.

Applicable laws and jurisdiction

  1. The Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan unless otherwise expressly provided.
  2. Tokyo District Court in Tokyo, Japan shall have exclusive jurisdiction over all controversies and disputes related to or arising out of this Site unless otherwise expressly provided.

Inquiries regarding this website

For inquiries or comments regarding this website, please use the form supplied: “Inquiries Regarding Our Website and Other Business Matters”.


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