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NJR is one of the few electronic device manufacturers in the world that develops and manufactures semiconductor products and passive electronic components such as sensors, SAW filters and MEMS microphones. By providing these devices in ways that make them easy to use, we contribute to the customer’s product development.

Semiconductor products + passive components

Electronic circuits that combine semiconductor products and passive components are indispensable for customer product development. For example, smartphones are equipped with SAW filters and GaAs (gallium arsenide) semiconductors for the receiving module, and a MEMS microphone for the microphone module.
We can provide passive components as well as semiconductor products suited to them. Thus, customers can build modules with high performance and reliability by incorporating our products having compatibility. You can trust in NJR speeding up your product development.

SAW filters

SAW filters use the characteristics of an acoustic wave propagating on the surface of a substance to extract signals of a specific frequency. Being small and lightweight, they play an important role in ensuring that mobile terminals can be made compact and yet still deliver high performance and multi-functionality. This is especially important for smartphones which now operate on multiple bands and feature several SAW filters to accomplish that.
SAW filters are, however, difficult to mass-produce. Special knowledge of manufacturing processes is required to maintain quality. NJR’s SAW filters are known for their consistent quality and have an excellent reputation in the automotive field. They are also attracting attention from enterprises working in the fields of industrial machinery and IoT. Similarly popular are SAW filter solutions that include GaAs semiconductor switches offering excellent high-frequency characteristics.

MEMS microphone

MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical System) is an electromechanical component integrating mechanical elements and electronic circuits on one silicon substrate. NJR supplies MEMS specialized for microphone use.
MEMS microphones are increasingly being used in smartphones and other mobile equipment. We are proud that NJR MEMS microphones and semiconductor products are highly acclaimed by smartphone set makers. Cumulative shipments have topped the 1 billion mark, and now we are seeing applications in the IoT field. In the near future you can expect to find automobiles and robots equipped with NJR MEMS microphones, enabling them to converse with drivers/users.

Power devices

In recent years, there has been a growing demand for power devices that can handle high voltages and large currents. These are used in automobiles and trains, energy systems, industrial equipment and in other fields.
NJR produces commercial super-junction MOSFETs (SJ-MOSFETs); these surpass the on-resistance of a silicon unipolar device. For power supply applications, we also supply Silicon Carbide (SiC) Schottky barrier diodes. SiC is a wide-bandgap material and has an excellent thermal conductivity and a high breakdown field; that is suitable material for power devices. We are going to develop SiC power devices with characteristics not found in conventional silicon semiconductors.

Working in partnership with our customers

The reason why many manufacturers choose NJR is not just the breadth of our product lineup. It is because we have an intimate knowledge of the needs of our customers, who are highly appreciative of our strong commitment to doing whatever we can to satisfy those needs.
Our engineers will consult directly with the customer, as often as is required to achieve the optimum solution. And if customers request a new function, we will work with them to develop the necessary components to substantialize that. Once we reach the production stage, the customer can rely on NJR to ensure a stable supply of highly reliable components over the long term.
In tailoring our design and development to customer requirements, we also gain: our own product technologies evolve. And we put these advanced technologies to work satisfying even the most demanding requirements of our customers. It is our hope that in this way we can contribute to the development of Japan’s manufacturing industry as a whole.

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