Our Core Technologies

NJR’s Core Technologies –
Pioneering the Future of Manufacturing
Hand in Hand with Our Customers

As new manufacturers come on the scene, creating stiffer price competition, while existing markets are threatened with disruption from new technologies and business models, pressure is steadily building on the manufacturing industry to meet the challenges of the IoT era.
For our customers in this industry who are prepared to set a new course for development and production, New Japan Radio (NJR) offers its core manufacturing technologies – built up over several decades – in the design, processing and packaging of electronic devices. We can contribute to the development of the customer’s business by developing highly reliable electronic devices that meet the customer’s needs in a short time and ensuring a stable supply over the long term. Bringing together our considerable expertise in analog design and advanced digital technologies, we can provide robust support in the nascent IoT era.
NJR having contributed to the development of the manufacturing industry with high-quality electronic devices, is working hand in hand with its customers to build a new road map for the future of the industry.

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