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Pioneering the era of IoT
with analog design technologies

NJR is one of the few electronic device manufacturers that can offer the analog circuit design technologies that are indispensable for IoT. We can support your product development in this new era with the considerable expertise in analog design we have built up over the years, offering innovative solutions tailored to manufacturing technologies.

The analog design technologies in demand for IoT

Conventional computer systems handle digital data, but for IoT (the Internet of Things) various kinds of analog data must be acquired and processed – ranging from simple quantities such as sound, light, heat and acceleration up to complex phenomena such as earthquakes, weather systems and the human body.
With the dawning of the IoT era, the role of electronics is changing drastically. While continuing to be essential for manufacturing, electronics is taking on responsibility for solving many of the issues facing modern society – environmental problems, aging populations, disaster prevention and the needs of daily life. Critical to achieving this are design technologies that transform the analog, physical quantities of the natural world into electric signals, digitizing them and converting them into useful information.
By making full use of its advanced design technologies for analog circuits, NJR is working with its customers to push the boundaries of electronics and thus spur the evolution of IoT.

Analog circuit design expertise

Analog circuit design is very different to digital circuit design, which only requires simple logical operations on strings of 0s and 1s. Analog circuits can process very large signals. It is also relatively easy to put together a design team from the large pool of engineers available, and build an optimum design environment from the wide range of tools that support design automation.
Nevertheless, in the design of analog circuits a vast number of factors must be considered – current, voltage changes, noise, the actual characteristics of components and the variation between them, time degradation, and so on. Just understanding the principles of circuit operation is not enough: many years of experience are needed. Compared with the world of digital circuitry, it generally takes much, much longer to become a seasoned designer of analog circuits. Engineers like these are indispensable for IoT, and yet today they are in short supply.
NJR, however, possesses a large staff of skilled engineers who, through many years of working in product development, have acquired considerable practical experience in analog circuit design. That is why we can offer innovative analog circuit design solutions to support our customers’ development of IoT products.

Design technologies coordinated with production technologies

Over the years, NJR has contributed to the evolution of manufacturing in a variety of fields while also enhancing user satisfaction. For example, we have found ways to reduce switch noise in audio players, and more recently introduced measures to prevent malfunctions caused by radio emissions from mobile phones. We have also modified our circuit designs to conform with environmental regulations such as the RoHS Directive.
The key point is to ensure that our design technologies are coordinated with production technologies. A circuit designer who is familiar with manufacturing processes can suggest the optimum solution – combining circuit design and manufacturing process – to achieve the product functions and characteristics required by the customer. Thanks to a design that takes into account everything from upstream processes to downstream processes, the quality and reliability of the product can be guaranteed.
We are committed to supporting our customers’ competitiveness with design technologies that can only be offered by a vertically integrated device maker like NJR, since we are responsible for everything from design through to manufacturing.

Speeding up design by sharing knowhow

We are striving to shorten the lead time for our customers’ product development by taking a completely fresh look at analog circuit design, something that has hitherto often been dependent on individual experience. Our focus is on sharing the experience and expertise of seasoned design engineers. We harvest vital knowhow for this very purpose. Sharing enables us to speed up the design process and standardize design quality.
The personal experience and knowhow of NJR’s design engineers can accelerate customer product development.

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