Privacy Policy of New Japan Radio Co., Ltd.

Our company aims to contribute to society by meeting social expectations based on our moral and legal obligations. As part of these obligations, we protect personal information based on the following policies.


1. Compliance with laws etc.

Our company observes laws related to protection of personal information, other relevant laws, guidelines defined by government agencies, and other regulations.

2. Proper handling of personal information

Our company management system protects personal information in accordance with relevant laws, regulations, and information-management rules. We collect and use personal information correctly and do not disclose it to third parties unless properly authorized.

3. Safety measures

Our company keeps personal information updated and correct, and controls it to prevent illegal access, falsification, and leaks.

4. Continuous improvement

Our company continuously reviews this privacy policy by implementing new regulations, employee training, internal audit, etc., to assure the safety and correct use of personal information.