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Motor ICs

Motion Control Stepper Motor Driver

Data Sheet

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  • Supply Voltage (
    VMM=10 to 36V
    VDD=2.7 to 5.5V)
  • Output Current (
    At bipolar motor operation : Io=0.5A (RON(H+L)=0.9Ω typ.)
    At unipolar motor operation : Io=1A (RON(L)=0.45Ω typ.))
  • Constant Current Control Circuit
  • Pulse Generator (PG) Function for trapezoidal speed trace control
    Maximum Speed: 4092pps (At CLK according with FS selection)
  • SPI Serial Data Input (SDI, SCK, CS) (
  • Output Operation Select
    Rotation : Constant current PWM - 100%/70%/40%
    Rotation : Direct PWM - 100%/75%/50%
    Stop : Constant current PWM - 100%/70%/40%/20%
    Stop : Direct PWM - 100%/75%/50%/25%
    Stop : Brake, All OFF
  • Speed Select (1024 patterns)
  • Acceleration and Slowdown Rate Select
  • Direction Select
  • Step Resolution Select (Full / Half Step)
  • CLK Input Division Ratio Selector (FS=L : 8MHz, FS=H : 12MHz)
  • Other Functions
  • Reset Input (RESET pin)
  • Start-Stop Input (S/S pin)
  • Internal Pulse Output (POUT pin)
  • Direction Output (DOUT pin)
  • Alarm Output (ALARM pin)
  • Under Voltage Lock Out (UVLO) Function
  • Thermal Shutdown Function
  • Unipolar and Bipolar Stepper Motor correspondence
  • BCD Technology
  • Package (SSOP32, SDIP22)
General Description
The NJW4375 is a stepper motor driver IC with a pulse generator (PG) for speed motion control. The pulse generator function generates an arbitrary pulse frequency by internal frequency divider based on the reference clock. The stepper motor speed is controlled by arbitrarily selecting this frequency. Input pin corresponds to the serial communication with SPI, and it can set easily the rotational speed of motor and the acceleration/slowdown by order with the operation status, the motor drive frequency, the acceleration rate and so on. The NJW4375 corresponds to full step and half step driving method of unipolar and bipolar stepper motor, and it can realize a constant current control. The NJW4375 is suitable for the speed control of a stepper motor, and simplification of the starting sequence.
Package Information
Part Number Package OutlinePinsMaterial Declaration (RoHS/Halogen)Terminal FinishWeight(mg) (Reference)Reflow solderingFlow solderingIron solderingPacking ConditionMSLSolder Foot Print
32Sn2Bi185Yes-YesDry pack 12a
22Sn2Bi1080-YesYesNon dry pack--
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