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3 Phase Brushless DC Motor Controller

Data Sheet

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  • Maximum Supply Voltage (40V)
  • Operating Voltage Range (6.0V to 36V)
  • Quiescent Current (4.0mA typ. at Vcc=24V)
  • Turn ON Angle (120° to 176.25° (4bit - A/D))
  • Lead Angle (±0° to 58.125° (5bit - A/D)
  • PWM Control Circuit (
    PWM Frequency 25kHz
    Analog Voltage Input (6bit-A/D))
  • Reference Voltage (4.0V typ.)
  • FG Output (3 Pulse / 1 Rotate (Electrical Angle))
  • Forward / Reverse Select Function
  • Over Current Detection (Detect Voltage = 0.26V typ. (Pulse by Pulse))
  • Thermal Shutdown Function (TSD)
  • Under Voltage Lock Out Protection Circuit (UVLO)
  • Lock Protection
  • Bi-CDMOS Technology
  • Package (SSOP32)
General Description
The NJW4308 is a 3 phase brushless DC motor controller IC with turn on and lead angle control functions. Output pre driver is optimized to work with external power MOS transistor for better power handling. Specially, the Turn ON control function adjusts the low vibration and low noise of the motor. Moreover the Lead Angle control function improves efficiency and produces high speed motor rotation. Operational voltage range of the IC has margin as 6.0V to 36V (Maximum voltage of 40V) and it fits for 12V / 24V Power supply. Basically, this device can be used for fan motor application. It can achieve various high performance motor control applications too.
Package Information
Part Number Package Outline Pins Material Declaration (RoHS/Halogen) Terminal Finish Weight(mg) (Reference) Reflow soldering Flow soldering Iron soldering Packing Condition MSL Solder Foot Print
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32 Sn2Bi 185 Yes - Yes Dry pack 1 2a
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NJW4308V SSOP32 (Active)

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