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Communication ICs & RF Devices

FM Modulation/Demodulation with PLL

  • Operating Voltage (3.8 to 5.5V)
  • Low operating Current (
    Mod: 9mA typ.
    Demod: 9.5mA typ.
    Power-Down: 1uA Max)
  • Deviation (AF_IN = 0.5Vpp) ±15kHz (standard)
    FM Modulation output 1Vpp(standard)
    AF Demodulation output 0.5Vpp(standard))
  • BiCMOS
  • Package (SSOP20-C3)
General Description
NJW2307 is a FM modulation / demodulation IC for audio signal in full duplex communication that operates from 3.8V. In addition to audio signal, it can also be used in data pulse. By the parallel interface, set the carrier frequency (2.3MHz / 2.8MHz), and allows independently power-down control the Modulation / Demodulation circuit. The NJW2307 includes FM Modulation / Demodulation, VCO, PLL and AFC, will contribute to the adjustment-free.
  • Interphone
  • Voice for Hot water supply system
  • Wireless and Wired Communication Systems
Package Information
Part Number Package OutlinePinsMaterial Declaration (RoHS/Halogen)Terminal FinishWeight(mg) (Reference)Reflow solderingFlow solderingIron solderingPacking ConditionMSLSolder Foot Print
20Sn2Bi89YesYesYesDry pack 12a
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