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LCD Drivers

80-Common x104 RGB LCD Driver for 4,096-Color STN Display

  • 4,096-color STN LCD driver
  • Built-in LCD Drivers (80-common Drivers×104RGB Drivers (312-segment Drivers in B&W))
  • Built-in Display Data RAM (DDRAM) (99,840 bits for Graphic Display)
  • Programmable Display Mode (Variable 16-grayscale Mode: 4,096 Colors
    Variable 8-grayscale Mode: 256 Colors
    Fixed 8-grayscale Mode: 256 Colors
    B&W Mode: Black & White)
  • 8-/16-bit Parallel Interface Selectable
  • 8-/16-bit Bus Length for Display Data Selectable
  • 3-/4-line Serial Interface Selectable
  • Programmable Duty Ratio and Bias Ratio
  • Various Useful Instructions
  • Programmable Internal Voltage Booster (Maximum 6 times)
  • Programmable Contrast Control (128-step Electrical Variable Resistor (EVR))
  • Chip Identification (ID) Function
  • Low Operating Current (450uA Typical at VDD=3V,4-time Boost,Checker Flag Display)
  • Low Logic Voltage (1.7V to 3.3V)
  • Wide LCD Voltage Range (5.0V to 18.0V)
  • C-MOS Technology
  • Package (Bump Chip / TCP)
General Description
The NJU6818 is an 80COMMON×104RGB LCD driver for 4,096-color STN display. It contains common drivers,RGB drivers,a serial and a parallel MPU interface circuit,an internal LCD power supply,grayscale palettes and 99,840-bit display data RAM. The segment drivers for RGB (Red,Green,Blue) independently produce optimum 16 grayscales from a built-in 32-grayscale palette,and the LSI achieves 4,096 colors (16×16×16). In addition,the NJU6818 operates with a low voltage of 1.7V and a low operating current,therefore it is ideally suited for battery-powered handheld applications.
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