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LCD Drivers

88-Common x272-Segment Bit Map LCD Driver

  • Direct Correspondence between Display Data RAM and LCD Pixel
  • Display Data RAM (23,936 bits)
  • 225 LCD Drivers (88-common and 272-segment)
  • Direct Microprocessor Interface for both of 68 and 80 type MPU
  • Serial Interface (SDA, SCL, A0, CSB)
  • Programmable Bias selection (1/5,1/7,1/8,1/9,1/10 bias)
  • Useful Instruction Set (Display On/Off Cont, Initial Display Line Set, Page Address Set, Column Address Set, Status Read,Display Data Read/Write, ADC Select, Common Direction Register Set, Inverse Display,Entire Display On/Off, Partial Select, n-line Inverse Drive Register Set, Dummy Period Set, Read Modify Write,End, Internal Oscillation Circuit ON/OFF, Oscillation Frequency Set, Bias Select, Power Control set,EVR Register Set, Voltage Booster Circuits Multiple Select, Voltage Booster Circuits Clock Select, Temperture Sensor ON/OFF, Soft Reset, Power Save.)
  • Power Supply Circuits for LCD Incorporated (Voltage Booster Circuits (12-time Maximum),
    Voltage Adjust Circuits, Voltage Follower x 4)
  • High Precision Voltage Regulator Incorporated (VREF=±3%, Ta=25O°C)
  • Precision Electrical Variable Resistance (400-step)
  • VLCD Temperature Coefficient (-0.00 to -0.15%/°C)
  • Low Power Consumption (130uA(typ.))
  • Operating Voltage (All the voltages are based on VSS=0V.)
    - Logic Operating Voltage (VDD=2.7V to 5.5V)
    - Voltage Booster Operating Voltage (VEE=VDD to 5.5V)
    - LCD Driving Voltage (VLCD= 4.8 to 28.8V(External Voltage: 36.0V)))
  • Rectangle outlook for COG
  • Package Outline (Bump-chip)
  • C-MOS Technology (Substrate:P))
General Description
The NJU6657 is a bitmap LCD driver to display graphics or characters.It contains 23,936 bits display data RAM, microprocessor interface circuits, instruction decoder, 88-common and 272-segment drivers.The bit image display data is transferred to the display data RAM by serial or 8-bit parallel interface.88 x 272 dots graphics or 17-character 5-line by 16 x 16 dots character with icon are displayed by NJU6657 itself.The NJU6657 contains a built-in OSC circuit for reducing external components.The wide operating voltage from 2.7 to 5.5V and low operating current are suitable for battery-powered applications.