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16-Character 6-Line LCD Driver with Japanese KANJI ROM

  • 16-character 6-line Kanji Character Display or 96 x 256 dots Graphic Display LCD controller driver
  • LCD Driver Output (96-common x 256-segment + 2-icon com)
  • 8-bit Parallel Interface
  • Serial Interface
  • Display Data RAM (1,536 bits at Full-size 96 Characters)
  • Character Generator ROM (
    JIS Level-1 Kanji 16 x 16 dots 2,965 fonts
    JIS Level-2 Kanji 16 x 16 dots 3,388 fonts
    JIS Non-Kanji 16 x 16 dots 524 fonts
    Half Size Display 16 x 16 dots 256 fonts)
  • Character Generator RAM (24,576 bits 16 x 16 dots 96 fonts)
  • Icon Display RAM (512 bits Maximum 512 icons)
  • Duty Ratio (1/18, 1/34, 1/50, 1/66, 1/82, 1/98 (Programmable))
  • Bias Ratio (1/4 to 1/11 (Programmable))
  • Common and Segment driver Location order Select Function (Programmable)
  • Common Wiring Select Function
  • Useful Instruction Set(
    RE Flag Set, Status Read, Display Clear, Cursor Home, Display Control,Stand-by, Cursor Control, Display / Entry Mode, Scroll Start Line,Scroll Start Row, Display Start Line, Display Duty Ratio, N-line inversion,Driver Output Control, Oscillation Control, Discharge, Boost Level,Bias Ratio, Electrical Volume, Power Control, RAM Address Set,Address Shift, RAM Data Writing / Reading)
  • Built-in Voltage Boost (2 to 6-time)
  • Built-in Electrical Volume (128-step)
  • Oscillation Circuit (External Resistor Required)
  • Built-in Bleeder Resistor
  • Operating Voltage (+2.4 to 3.6V)
  • LCD Driving Voltage (+4.5 to 17.0V)
  • Operation Temperature Range (-40 to +85°C)
  • C-MOS Technology (P-sub)
  • Package Outline (Bump Chip)
General Description
The NJU6645 is a 16-character 6-line (16x16dots size Japanese Kanji) or 96 x 256 dots LCD driver with Japanese Kanji ROM.It contains 8-bit parallel or serial interface, instruction decoder, character generator ROM/RAM, common and segment drivers, bleeder resistor and voltage booster.The NJU6645 supports the character font of JIS level-1 and level-2, non-kanji and half-size character and symbol.It is suitable for the low operation voltage and low power applications by low operating voltage 2.4 to 3.6V.

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