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LCD Drivers

10-Character 1-Line LCD Driver with Smooth Scroll Function

  • 10-character 1-line
  • Maximum 118 Icon Display
  • 1-wire Serial Interface
  • Display Data RAM (11x 8 bits)
  • Character Generator ROM (6,720 bits (192 characters for 5 x 7 dots))
  • Character Generator RAM (77 x 5 bits (11 Patterns for 5 x 7 dots))
  • Icon Display RAM (118 bits)
  • Duty Ratio (1/8, 1/9 (Programmable))
  • Relocateable COM and SEG Drivers
  • Various Instructions (Display Clear, Return Home, Entry Mode, Duty Ratio, Display ON/OFF,Address Shift, Pattern Shift, Dot Shift, Power Control, General Ports,Electrical Volume, RAM Address, RAM Data Writing)
  • Voltage Boost (2-time, 3-time)
  • Power On Reset Function
  • Voltage Regulator (8-step)
  • Electrical Volume (16-step)
  • Oscillation Circuit
  • Bleeder Resistor
  • Operating Voltage (+1.7 to 5.5V)
  • C-MOS Technology (P-sub )
  • Package Outline (Bare Chip (for COB))
General Description
The NJU6515 LCD driver can realize 10-character 1-line and max. 118 icons display. It contains voltage boost,regulator, bleeder resistor, general output ports, oscillator,microprocessor interface circuit, instruction decoder,character generator ROM/RAM and common and segment drivers.The NJU6515 can realize display with 1-wire serial data from MPU, and its low operation voltage and low current consumption make it very suitable for the space-conscious products.