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LCD Drivers

80 Output Bit Map LCD Extension Driver

  • Direct Correspondence between Display Data RAM and LCD Pixel
  • Display Data RAM (2,560 bits 80×8×4)
  • Direct Interface with 8- or 16-bit MPU (Both of 68 and 80 type MPU can connect directly)
  • Extension Driver of NJU6451A
  • 80-segment Driver
  • Programmable Duty Ratio (1/16 or 1/32 Duty)
  • Useful Instruction Set (Display Data Read/Write,Display ON/OFF Cont,Display Data RAM Address Set,Status Read,Display Starting Line Set,Static Drive ON/OFF,Duty Ratio Setting,and Read Modify Write,)
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Operating Voltage (2.4V to 6.0V)
  • LCD Driving Voltage (3.0V to 13.5V)
  • Package Outline (CHIP)
  • C-MOS Technology
General Description
The NJU6451A is a 80 output bit map LCD extension driver to display graphics or characters combine with NJU6450A. It contains 2,560 bit display data RAM,microprocessor interface circuits,instruction decoder,and 80-segment driver. The bit image display data sent from 8- 16-bit MPU are stored in the display data RAM and drives segment of Dot Matrix LCD Panel synchronized with the NJU6450A common timing. When the NJU6451A combine with the NJU6450A,the display capacity expand to 16×141 dots of graphics or 28-character 2-line with icon of 5×8 dots character display. Furthermore,the wide operating voltage and low current consumption are useful apply to the battery operated items.

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