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LCD Drivers

DOT Matrix LCD 80-OUT Segment Driver

  • 80-out Segment Driver
  • Two of Shift Direction Select Terminal
  • Fast Data Transmission (Shift Clock 3.3 MHz)
  • External Power Supply for LCD Driving Voltage
  • LCD Driving Voltage (VDD - 3.0V to VDD -10.0V)
  • Operating Voltage (5V±10%)
  • C-MOS Technology
  • Package Outline (Chip)
General Description
The NJU6446 is a serial input,80-out segment driver for dot matrix LCDs, especially useful as extension drivers for LCD controller drivers.It consists of bi-directional shift register,80-bit latch,and 80-out high voltage LCD drivers.The bi-directional shift register preforms the efficient extension driver allocation according to the number of characters and easy wiring with the LCD panel.As the 80-driver has 4 level voltage input to drive the LCD,adjustable driving voltage according to the LCD panel can be supplied from the external power source.