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LCD Drivers

16-Character 2-Line DOT Matrix LCD Controller Driver

  • 16-character 2-line Dot Matrix LCD Controller Driver
  • 4/8 Bits Microprocessor Direct Interface
  • Display Data RAM (80×8 bits) (Maximum 16 Character 2-line Display)
  • Character Generator ROM - 9,600 bits (240 Characters for 5×7 Dots)
  • Character Generator RAM - 64×8 bits (8 Patterns (5×7 Dots))
  • Microprocessor can access to Display Data RAM and Character Generator RAM
  • High Voltage LCD Dirver (32-Common/40-Segment)
  • Programmable Duty Ratio (1/16 Duty for 5×7 Dots+Cursor,1 Line
    1/32 Duty for 5×7 Dots+ Cursor,2 Lines)
  • Useful Instruction Set (Clear Display ,Return Home,Display ON/OFF Cont,Cursor ON/OF Cont,Display Blink,Cursor Shift,Character Shift)
  • Power On Initialize Circuits On-chip
  • Bleeder Resistance On-chip
  • Voltage Converter On-chip
  • Oscillation Circuits On-chip
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Operating Voltage (5V/3V)
  • Package Outline (Chip)
  • C-MOS Technology
General Description
The NJU6420B is a 1 Chip Dot Matrix LCD controller driver for up to 16-character 2-line display. It contains voltage converter,bleeder resistance,CR oscillator,microprocessor interface circuits,instruction decoder controller,character generator ROM/RAM and high voltage operation common and segment drivers. The voltage converter and bleeder resistance generates about twofold voltage (10V or 6V) and bias voltage for LCD driving waveform internally from single power supply (5V or 3V). Consequently,high-contrast display can be performed though the simple power supply circuits. The resistance and capacitance for CR oscillation circuits are incorporated,therefore no external components for the oscillation circuits are required. The microprocessor interface circuits which operate by 2MHz frequency,can be connected directly to 4/8bit microprocessor. The character generator consists of 9,600 bits ROM and 64 bytes RAM. The standard version ROM is coded with 240 characters including capital and small letter fonts and some of Japanese fonts. The high voltage operation 32-common and 40-segment drivers operate up to 13.5V or 12V,and drive up to 16-character 2-line LCD panels which divided four common electrode blocks.