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LCD Drivers

DOT Matrix LCD 80-OUT Segment Driver

  • 80 Segment Drivers
  • Two of shift Direction Select Terminal
  • Fast Data Transmission (Shift Clock 3.3 MHz min.)
  • External Power Supply for LCD Driving Voltage
  • LCD Driving Voltage (VDD - 3V to VDD -13.5V)
  • Operating Voltage (5V±10%)
  • Package Outline (Chip)
  • C-MOS Technology
General Description
The NJU6415 is a serial input,80-out segment driver for dot matrix LCDs,especially useful as extension driver for LCD controller drivers like NJU6426. It consists of bidirectional shift register,80-bit latch,and 80-out high voltage LCD drivers. The bidirectional shift register performs the efficient extension driver allocation according to the number of characters and easy wiring with the LCD panel. As the 80-driver has 4 level voltage input to drive the LCD,adjustable driving voltage according to the LCD panel can be supplied from the external power source.