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Quartz Crystal Oscillator ICs

32.768kHz output Tuning fork Quartz Crystal Oscillator IC

  • Oscillation Frequency (32.768kHz)
  • Wide Operating Voltage (1.62 to 5.50V)
  • Low power consumption (1.00µA (VDD=1.80V, No load))
  • Output Disable Function
  • 3-State Output Buffer
  • Variable Pull-up Resistance on-Die
  • Oscillation Capacitors Cg and Cg on-Die
  • Package Outline (Die/Diced Wafer)
  • C-MOS Technology
General Description
The NJU6229 is a CMOS oscillator IC which is designed for 32.768kHz tuning fork quartz unit. The NJU6229 is ultra-small IC realizing to micro size oscillator unit. The oscillation current is ultra-low power consumption 1.00µA(TYP). This is applicable for the portable devices requiring small sized and low power XO module. The operating voltage is from 1.62 to 5.50V. The 3-state output buffer is C-MOS compatible of fan-out.