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Power Management

High Precision Adjustable Shunt Regulator

  • High Precision Voltage Reference (1.250V±0.7%)
  • Flow Soldering* (* These contents are based on the result that evaluated the arbitrary sample. The characteristic is not guaranteed. The design and
    reliability that fully considered flow mounting are checked but the influence by temperature profile etc. is also considered. Please consult
    with sales representatives for a recommendation temperature profile.)
  • Minimum Input Current (80uA typ.)
  • Operating Voltage (VREF to 13V)
  • Adjustable output voltage
  • Bipolar Technology
  • Package Outline (SOT-23-5)
General Description
The NJM2820 is a 1.25V precision shunt regulator. High precision voltage accuracy of ±0.7%* is realized by the total optimization from chip design to packaging. In addition,it features low cathode current of 80uA for low current operation. It is suitable for AC-DC converter secondary circuit,reference voltage applications for A/D and D/A converters,and other applications where precision reference is required.
Package Information
Part Number Package OutlinePinsMaterial Declaration (RoHS/Halogen)Terminal FinishWeight(mg) (Reference)Reflow solderingFlow solderingIron solderingPacking ConditionMSLSolder Foot Print
5Sn2Bi15YesYesYesNon dry pack1
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