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47µF AC-Coupling Capacitor Low Voltage Video Driver with LPF

  • Operating Voltage (3.0 to 6.0V)
  • AC-Coupling capacitor (47µF)
  • 6dB Amplifier,75Ω Driver
  • Internal LPF (0dBtyp.@4.5MHz,-33dBtyp. @19MHz)
  • Power-save Circuit
  • Bipolar Technology
  • Package Outline (MSOP8(TVSP8)*MEET JEDEC MO-187-DA / THIN TYPE)
General Description
The NJM2512 is a Low Voltage Video Amplifier featuring small AC-coupling Capacitor.The New JRC original Technology ASC(Advanced SAG Correction) realizes 47µF AC-Coupling Capacitor which enables to downsize mounting space.No worrying about beat noise caused by charge-pump circuit, and over-current caused by circuit short out than Capacitor-less video driver.The NJM2512 is suitable for any video application.
  • Car Camera
  • Car Navigation
Package Information
Part Number Package OutlinePinsMaterial Declaration (RoHS/Halogen)Terminal FinishWeight(mg) (Reference)Reflow solderingFlow solderingIron solderingPacking ConditionMSLSolder Foot Print
8Sn2Bi18YesYesYesNon dry pack1
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