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Optoelectronic Devices

COBP Photo Diode for Front Monitor

  • Corresponding to three wavelength (λ=405nm/650nm/780nm)
  • Short rise-time, fall-time 2ns typ.(λ=405nm/650nm/780nm, VR=2.5V, 10-90%)
  • High speed
    • 200MHz (λ=780nm)
    • 220MHz (λ=650nm)
    • 250MHz (λ=405nm)
  • Miniature, thin package (1.6mm x 2.4mm x 0.8mm)
  • Active area (1.0mm x 1.0mm)
General Description
The NJL6402R-2 is a high-speed PIN photodiode capable of detecting in a wide wavelength range of up to infrared light from the blue-violet light. The features are low wavelength dependence and fast fall-time. An ultra-small and thin package of COBP is adopted, and providing high efficient space-saving.
  • Laser monitor for Blu-ray, etc.
  • Monitor for RGB wavelength
  • Photoelectric switch, Space light transmitting, etc.

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