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Optoelectronic Devices

COBP Photo Reflector with Lens

  • Focal length (4mm)
  • Miniature, thin package (1.9mm x 2.6mm x 1.6mm)
  • Low operating dark current (Iceod)
  • Pb free solder re-flowing permitted (255°C, 2 times)
  • Built-in visible light cut-off filter
General Description
The NJL5909RL-4 is a surface mount type COBP photo reflector that is 4mm focal length. The NJL5909RL-4 has achieved the small, thin package by combination of our COBP (Chip On Board Package) and Lens molding technology.
  • Detecting the rotation of various motors
  • Paper detection of Printer, copy machine etc
  • Detecting the Card Reader etc
  • Detecting the CD/DVD Media

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