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Optoelectronic Devices

COBP Photo Reflector

  • Miniature, thin package (1.06mm x 1.46mm x 0.5mm)
  • Low operating dark current (2µA max.)
  • Pb free solder re-flowing permitted (260°C, 2times)
  • Built-in visible light cut-off filter
General Description
The NJL5908AR is a compact surface mount type photo reflector, which is permitted the Lead(Pb)-free reflow soldering (260°C , 2 Times). The NJL5908AR is available in a compact package compared with conventional product the NJL5902R-2.
  • Detecting the location of Lens unit for Cellular Phone’s camera module
  • Detecting the watch hand for radio controlled watch
  • Detecting the location of CD/DVD optical pickup head
  • Detecting the rotation of various motors
  • Paper edge detection and mechanism timing detection of facsimile, copy machine etc

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