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Communication ICs & RF Devices

SP10T Antenna Switch GaAs MMIC

  • Small package (LCSP20-G3 (Package size:3.2mmx2.5mmx0.85mm typ.))
  • Sleep mode
  • High linearity (IMD3 -110dBm typ.@UMTS Band 1/2/5/8, PTx=20dBm,PJ=-15dBm
    IMD2 -110dBm typ.@UMTS Band 1/2/5/8, PTx=20dBm,PJ=-15dBm
    2nd harmonics -75dBc typ.@GSM850/900 Tx, Pin=34dBm
    3rd harmonics -75dBc typ.@GSM1800/1900 Tx, Pin=32dBm)
  • Low insertion loss (0.40dB typ.@UMTS Band 5
    0.45dB typ.@UMTS Band 8
    0.60dB typ.@UMTS Band 2
    0.70dB typ.@UMTS Band 1
    0.85dB typ.@GSM850/900 Tx
    1.00dB typ.@GSM1800/1900 Tx)
  • Built-in two LPFs (Attenuation 30dB typ. on GSM850/900 Tx@2fo/3fo
    Attenuation 30dB typ. on GSM1800/1900 Tx@2fo/3fo)
  • Low operating voltage (2.5 to 3.0V(2.7V typ.))
  • High ESD tolerance (On-chip ESD protection circuit)
  • Lead-free and halogen-free
General Description
The NJG1670LG3 is a GaAs SP10T antenna switch IC designed for GSM/CDMA/UMTS multimode handsets. This switch features very small package size (3.2mmx2.5mmx0.85mm), high linearity, low insertion loss and high isolation. The NJG1670LG3 contains a switch die with on-chip logic circuits,ESD protection circuits and a LTCC substrate with built-in two LPFs on GSM transmit paths for suppression of transmitter harmonics. For saving current consumption,The NJG1670LG3 has a sleep mode.
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