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LTE Middle Band Power Amplifier Module

Data Sheet

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  • High linear output power (
    Pout=28 dBm (LTE Bands 2,3,4,9,25,66,39)
    Pout=27.5 dBm (LTE Bands 1,34))
  • Gain control (Gain=30 dB typ.)
  • MIPI RFFE control (
    Compliant with MIPI RFFE v2.0. power control,
    and triggered activation are available.)
  • High efficiency (
    PAE=36 % @ Pout=28 dBm
    PAE=33 % @ Pout=27.5 dBm)
  • Low distortion (
    ACLR1 UTRA=-40 dBc typ. @ Pout=28/27.5 dBm
    Harmonics < -38 dBc)
General Description
The NJG1331LGE is a power amplifier module (PAM) suitable for LTE RF front-end application. The PAM supports modulation bandwidth of up to 20 MHz. The module size is as small as 3 mm x 3 mm. The PAM is controlled by MIPI RFFE V2.0 interface.