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Communication ICs & RF Devices

450MHz Band LNA GaAs MMIC

  • Low voltage operation (+2.8V typ.)
  • Low control voltage operation (+1.85V typ.)
  • LNA High Gain Mode
  • High Input IP3 (+11.0dBm typ. @ f=460-470MHz)
  • Low noise figure (1.4dB typ. @ f=460-470MHz)
  • LNA Low Gain Mode
  • Low current consumption (15uA typ.)
  • High Input IP3 (+21.0dBm typ. @ f=460-470MHz)
  • Small & thin package (USB8-B6 (Package size: 1.5mm x1.5mm x 0.55mm typ.))
General Description
The NJG1128HB6 is a LNA IC designed for 450MHz band CDMA cellular phone. This IC has the function which bypasses LNA, and high gain mode or low gain mode can be chosen.High IIP3 and a low noise are achieved at the High gain mode.And low current consumption can be achieved at the low gain mode because LNA enters the state of the standby.A small and thin package of USB8 is adopted.
Package Information
Part Number Package OutlinePinsMaterial Declaration (RoHS/Halogen)Terminal FinishWeight(mg) (Reference)Reflow solderingFlow solderingIron solderingPacking ConditionMSLSolder Foot Print
8Cu/Ni/Au2.4Yes--Non dry pack1
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