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Power Management

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Composed of products such as low saturation(LDO) regulators and DC/DC converters and others;
covers a wide range of voltages and currents.

Power Management Category
Wide Input Range Products
  • The various markets, such as car accessories and industrial equipments, demand the ICs with wide input voltage range. To supply the benefit for the market, New Japan Radio provides the Wide Input Range Products line-up with input voltage from few volts* to 35V.
    *The input voltage lower limit of each products are different.
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New Products
  • Serial Input Parallel Output 8-channel Sink Driver

    The NJW4829 is 8-channel sink driver with 300mA output. The input section corresponds to 8 bit serial communication and cascade connection is also possible.

  • System Reset IC

    The NJU2103B is a power supply voltage monitoring IC that instantaneously detects abnormality such as power supply voltage cutoff or drop and generates reset signal.

  • Quad Channel Combination Regulator

    The NJW4750 is quad channel combination regulator including one wide input range buck converter and three secondary synchronous buck converter / LDO.

  • System Reset IC with Watchdog Timer

    The NJU2102A is a system reset IC with watchdog timer to detect the abnormal conditions, such as shutdown of all supply voltages at once, or sudden voltage down and then generate the reset signal.

  • ±2.0A DDR Termination Regulator

    The NJW4118 is a sink/source (±2A) termination regulator for DDR-SDRAM.

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