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Current Detection Amplifier,operational amplifier

General Description

Our company released operational amplifier IC representing the analog linear IC about 40 years ago and they were used in various cases. Among them, the NJM3040 is not an operational amplifier, but is a special product for current detection that integrates elemental technologies. As target applications, we are considering the current detection applications of charging / discharging control of battery, current control of solenoid and motor among automotive and industrial equipment.

Low Power Consumption Operational Amplifiers

General Description

I will introduce the highest technology of New Japan Radio’s operational amplifier series with more than 40 years of history and low power operational amplifier series that contributes to low power consumption design by low current consumption operation.Their applications can contribute to oxygen sensors, voltage current sensors, pressure sensors, ADC / DAC buffers, filters, and so on.

An AFE (Analog Front End) with High Gain PGA

General Description

Our analog front end has built in operational amplifiers and an AD converter by the technology of operational amplifier that has been used so far. Applications are suitable for gas detector, gas sensor module, sensor module used for portable applications. As a feature, it built in operational amplifiers with low power consumption, low noise, and improved RF noise immunity after showing by the technology of operational amplifier that has been used so far.

High RF Noise Immunity Operational Amplifiers

General Description

With the realization of the IoT society, New Japan Radio has a series of high RF noise immunity operational amplifiers. We have established a technology to reduce malfunction caused by RF noise interference in New Japan Radio’s technology. Furthermore, we have a wide range of lineup such as high precision, high noise immunity, high speed, low power consumption operational amplifiers that correspond to various applications.

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