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Request Samples

Choose a link below to order New Japan Radio samples online via NeedaSample. Request samples and monitor status as the request is viewed and processed. All you need to know is a part number — the system automatically routes your request to the salesperson in your area for processing.New Japan Radio will make every effort to accommodate your request, however, some requests will be denied at New Japan Radio sole discretion. A essential term of NeedaSample is the release and waive your right to assert any claim against New Japan Radio arising from lack of fulfillment or denial of your request.You will need a current browser* and secure login to access the service. Please Register if you need a password or Login if you have ordered via this service before.

Order A Sample

* A browser that supports JavaScript and CSS is required. Some users have experienced problems with Netscape 4.7 and have needed to use a more recent version. Internet Explorer version 5.5+, Netscape version 6.0+, or a browser that handles similar web standards, is recommended.

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