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S/N: 10102 Last Updated: Aug. 5, 2016

Can I apply to an input voltage what exceeds a dropout voltage in absolute maximum ratings to NJM317 at a typical application?


We cannot recommend to apply the input voltage exceeded 40V in absolute maximum ratings. NJM317 might be operated normally at a static condition, when you designed an application of high input voltage with using it.
However, an input terminal of NJM317 might be applied an exceeding absolute maximum ratings voltage, if an input power supply voltage suddenly turns ON. Shown Fig1.
At Fig.1, An input voltage of NJM317 applied 60 VDC and an output voltage generates 40 VDC. When 60 VDC is suddenly applied to the input terminal, the input-output differential voltage of NJM317 apply for 60 VDC at an initial condition.
Also, it will be occurred the above same phenomenon, when to connect an output of NJM317 is shorted to GND terminal during operation. Therefore, this circuit condition might be exceeded absolute maximum ratings.
Then, the IC must not apply the voltage exceeded for the absolute maximum ratings at any time.

NJM317 recommended conditionNJM317 recommended condition
High Output Voltage Typical CircuitFig.1 High Output Voltage Typical Circuit
(Deprecated Circuit Condition)
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