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How should I calculate an efficiency of a regulator?


The self-power consumption is given by follow formula.

Some type of product is increased a self-current consumption IQ with the increase of the output current. Therefore, a self-current consumption should confirm increasing ground current from electrical characteristics on data sheet.

However the self-current consumption of NJM7800 series are not increased with increasing of the output current.

The following explanation is based on an example with NJM2884-03.

The circuit diagram of NJM2884-03 is shown at Fig1.

Vin=4V Vo=3V Io=300mA IQ=5mA (a quiescent current at output current 300mA) The ground current vs. output current of NJM2884-03 shown at Fig2.

The ground current means the quiescent current in case of flowing the output current.

NJM2884 Circuit Diagram Fig1:Circuit Diagram
Ground Pin Current VS. Output Current< Fig2:Ground Pin Current VS. Output Current
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