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S/N: 10074 Last Updated: May 18, 2016

Should I connect a resistor in series to a control terminal of a regulator IC?


A resistance of connecting for control terminal ( ON/OFF terminal ) of a series regulator can be decreased a self current consumption.
Notes: A self current consumption called quiescent current in Low Drop Out Regulator.

To connect external resistance might be not needed to connect to a control terminal, if you did not concern about low consumption.

Be careful about below notice, in case of connecting external resistance to a control terminal.

  • A control terminal voltage is dropped by product of a sink current and a connecting external resistance. It should be designed a resistance which satisfies required "Control Voltage for ON-state" on data sheet.
  • A minimum control voltage for ON-state is fluctuated by ambient temperature. Therefore, it should be designed resistance in addition to checking electrical characteristics on data sheet.
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