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S/N: 10072 Last Updated: Jun 29, 2016

Are there any caution points using the J-FET op amp?


A bias current of J-FET type Opamp is increased by a temperature.

The input bias current of J-FET op amp is the PN junction leakage current of the gate, channel and gate, and substrate. Therefore,the temperature dependence is increased exponentially by the temperature just like as the general PN junction.

J-FET op amp that has often been applied for the high input impedance circuit of which the special precaution must be taken for the IB increase by the temperature rise. For instance, when it is about 20 pA in the room temperature, however to be increased up to 1nA when the temperature rises up to 80 degree.

Fig1. JFET input stage opamp Bias Current VS. temperatureFig1. JFET input stage opamp Bias Current VS. temperature
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