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Application notes

New Product Introduction
AFE (Analog Front End)
NJU9101 - Low Power Analog Front End IC saves battery life
Operational Amplifiers
NJU77550 NJU77551 NJU77552 NJU77554
- High GBW at Lower Power, RRIO Op-Amp that saves the battery life of your IoT design
Application notes
General Motor/ Stepper Motor
NJM2625A Application notes
NJM2626 Application notes
Class D Amplifier
NJU8754 Application notes
GaAs MMIC Amplifier IC
NJG1138HA8 700MHz Band Application
NJG1150UA2 Application Note for LTE Band-13 2fo Improvement
NJG1151MD7 Satellite Broadcasting Application
NJG1155UX2 Application Note for LTE Band-13 2fo Improvement
NJG1159PHH Application Note
NJG1697EM1 Application Note
NJG1801K75 Application Note
NJG1806K75 Application Note
Audio DSP(Digital Signal Processor) Design Support Document List
Part Number GUI Design Support Document
NJU26040-09D Exist
NJU26040-16A Exist
NJU26060 Exist
NJU26123 Exist
NJU26124 Exist
NJU26125 Exist
NJU26202 Exist
NJU26203A Exist
NJU26206 Exist
NJU26207 Exist
NJU26208 Exist
NJU26209 Exist
NJU26220 Exist
* If you would like to obtain a demo board,contact sales representive.
Operational Amplifiers
Technical terms explanation
Application circuit
Application Note for EMI Immunity
3-Terminal Voltage Regulator
Protection Circuit/ Application Circuit/ Thermal Design
Stepper Motor
Stepper Motor Basics
Drive circuit basics
Stepper motor and driver selection
Synchronization of single-channel stepper motor drivers reduces noise and interference
Thermal Management
External recirculating diodes
Half stepping techniques
Optoelectronic Devices

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