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Application notes

New Product Introduction
AFE (Analog Front End)
NJU9101 - Low Power Analog Front End IC saves battery life
Operational Amplifiers
NJU77550 NJU77551 NJU77552 NJU77554
- High GBW at Lower Power, RRIO Op-Amp that saves the battery life of your IoT design
- Superior VIO & its Drift, C-MOS OPAmp can save real cost of your ADC design
Power Management
- Manage four-power supplies for space constrained applications
Optoelectronic Device
NJL6195R – Photo Diode
- New Si Photo diode with large active area
Application notes
General Motor/ Stepper Motor
NJM2625A Application notes
NJM2626 Application notes
Class D Amplifier
NJU8754 Application notes
GaAs MMIC Amplifier IC
NJG1138HA8 700MHz Band Application
NJG1150UA2 Application Note for LTE Band-13 2fo Improvement
NJG1151MD7 Satellite Broadcasting Application
NJG1155UX2 Application Note for LTE Band-13 2fo Improvement
NJG1159PHH Application Note
NJG1697EM1 Application Note
NJG1801K75 Application Note
NJG1806K75 Application Note
Audio DSP(Digital Signal Processor) Design Support Document List
Part Number GUI Design Support Document
NJU26060 Exist
NJU26123 Exist
NJU26124 Exist
NJU26125 Exist
NJU26202 Exist
NJU26203A Exist
NJU26206 Exist
NJU26207 Exist
NJU26208 Exist
NJU26209 Exist
NJU26220 Exist
* If you would like to obtain a demo board,contact sales representive.
Operational Amplifiers
Technical terms explanation
Application circuit
Application Note for EMI Immunity
3-Terminal Voltage Regulator
Protection Circuit/ Application Circuit/ Thermal Design
Stepper Motor
Stepper Motor Basics
Drive circuit basics
Stepper motor and driver selection
Synchronization of single-channel stepper motor drivers reduces noise and interference
Thermal Management
External recirculating diodes
Half stepping techniques
Optoelectronic Devices

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