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Closed Circuit Television(CCTV) Block Diagram

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Closed Circuit Television(CCTV)

Switching Regulator

  1. NJW4152Switching Regulator IC for Buck Converter with 40V/1A or 40V/600mA MOSFET
  2. NJW4154Switching Regulator IC for Buck Converter Current Mode Control w/ 40V/3A MOSFET
  3. NJW4160Switching Regulator IC for Buck Converter External MOSFET driving


  1. NJM2878Low Dropout Voltage Regulator
  2. NJM2888Low Dropout Voltage Regulator
  3. NJM2884ALow Dropout Voltage Regulator
  4. NJM2856Low Dropout Voltage Regulator

LDO(Under 1.4V)

  1. NJM2841Very Low Output Low Dropout Regulator
  2. NJM2842Very Low Output Low Dropout Regulator

Video Amplifier

  1. NJM2274Low Power Video Amplifier with Y-C Mixer
  2. NJM2561Low Voltage Video Amplifier with LPF
  3. NJM251247µF AC-Coupling Capacitor Low Voltage Video Driver with LPF

Motor Driver

  1. NJU7381ALow Voltage Operation Dual H Bridge Driver
  2. NJW4382Dual DMOS Full Bridge Stepper Motor Driver

Iris Controller

  1. NJM3414ASingle-Supply Dual High Current Operational Amplifier

Sensor Amplifier

  1. NJU7026Small Package,13µA,Rail-to-Rail Output Single CMOS Operational Amplifier
  2. NJU7029Low Noise, Rail-to-Rail Output Dual CMOS Operational Amplifier

Signal Level Sensor

  1. NJU7181Signal Level Sensor System

OP Amp

  1. NJM2746Single Supply, Rail-to-Rail Output Dual Operational Amplifier

Mic. Amp

  1. NJM2783Monaural Microphone Amplifier with ALC

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