Body Control Module (BCM)

Power Management

Switching Regulators/ Automotive IC

  1. NJW4152-BASwitching Regulator IC for Buck Converter with 40V/1A or 40V/600mA MOSFET
  2. NJW41712.4MHz 2.5A MOSFET Switching Regulator for Buck Converter
  3. NJW4155Current Mode Control Internal 1.8A MOSFET Switching Regulator IC for Buck Converter
  4. NJW41722.4MHz 1.5A 2channel MOSFET Switching Regulator for Buck Converter

LDO(Low Dropout Voltage)/ Automotive IC

  1. NJW410445V Io=200mA Ultra Low Quiescent Current Low Dropout Regulator
  2. NJW410745V Io=300mA Low Dropout Regulator
  3. NJW4116Io=500mA Low Dropout Regulator with Reset function
  4. NJW427145V Io=500mA Low Dropout Regulator with WDT

System Reset ICs

  1. NJU7295System Reset IC with Delay Circuit


SAW Filter

  1. NSVS9012R.K.E. SAW FILTER f0= 314.85MHz BW= 0.6MHz
  2. NSVS9016R.K.E. SAW FILTER f0= 315MHz BW= 0.6MHz
  3. NSTS9118R.K.E. SAW FILTER f0= 433.92MHz BW= 0.4MHz
  4. NSVS9018R.K.E. SAW FILTER f0= 433.92MHz BW= 0.25MHz
  5. NSVS9032R.K.E. & TPMS SAW FILTER f0= 313.625MHz BW= 4.67MHz
  6. NSTS9123R.K.E. & TPMS SAW FILTER f0= 433.9MHz BW= 15MHz
  7. NSTS9115R.K.E. SAW FILTER f0= 313.85MHz BW= 0.6MHz


Operational Amplifiers/ Automotive IC

  1. NJM2904Single-Supply Dual Op-Amp.
  2. NJU7057Low Noise, Low Offset Voltage Drift Rail-to-Rail Output CMOS Op-Amp.

Switching Drivers

  1. NJW48411-Channel Switching Gate Driver
  2. NJW48221-Channel Low Side Switch
  3. NJW48201-Channel Low Side Switch
  4. NJW48301-Channel High Side Switch
  5. NJW48321-Channel High Side Switch
  6. NJW48351-Channel High Side Switch
  7. NJW48602-Channel Gate Driver with LDO