The Analog Master Slice is the service which offers the original analog semi-customized IC/LSI for customers.The wafers which are prefabricated transistors, resistors, capacitors and other devices are prepared, then creation of the original IC/LSI is accomplished by adding the glass mask of wiring layers to be customized as desired.The cost and lead time can be reduced since the common master slice is utilized.

  • General ICs such as OpAmps does not have enough functions
  • Creation of IC/LSI from discrete circuit
  • The cost and the lead time does not meet your requirement if utilizing full customized IC

This service can be helpful for the customers in case of situations listed above.
*We are also handling the foundry service which offering OEM wafer production.

  • High voltage, 5 inches, Bipolar is utilized.
  • The lead time for ES(engineering samples) is usually 4 to 6 weeks after the layout design is completed.

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