New JRC, introduced piezoelectric sounder driver ideal for health care equipment

March 15,2012

Tokyo Japan, March 15, 2012- New Japan Radio Co., Ltd.(New JRC) has introduced to the market the NJU72501, piezoelectric sounder driver with charge pump circuit for piezoelectric sounder and piezoelectric buzzer.

[Background of development]

The output of the warning tone sounds and operation of the "sport computer" or "Health Care Equipment" is a piezoelectric buzzer or sounder has been used.

However, in direct drive from the microcomputer was necessary to ensure a sufficient volume to add additional hard drive circuit.

New JRC has developed a driver optimized to solve a problem like this, for driving a piezoelectric buzzer sounder / piezoelectric, the NJU72501.

[Key Features]

No.1 Volume can be adjusted by up to six levels of built-in charge pump circuit.

The NJU72501 has a built-in charge pump circuit can be driven at up to 18VP-P from a 3V input.

Built-in charge pump circuit is controlled by logic, you can switch between a three-stage booster.(1x, 2x, 3x)

Also, in the case of single-ended output stage if three, the BTL output volume can be adjusted in six steps.

No.2 Consumption current is reduced by a shutdown function.

The NJU72501 has the ability to shut down function.

This shutdown functions, you can reduce the quiescent current to stop the operation of the internal circuitry of the NJU72501 if there is no signal input, to increase the battery life of the equipment.

[Recomended Devices]

We also offer evaluation data matching with the NJU72501 made by Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a piezoelectric sounder, and the piezoelectric buzzer.

Recomended piezoelectric sounder / piezoelectric buzzer

    PKLCS1212E2400-R1 , PKLCS1212E4001-R1 , PKM13EPYH4000-A0

[Feature and Characteristics]

[Main applications]


Type No. Function Engineering sample (ES) Mass production (MP)
NJU72501 Piezoelectric sounder driver
with charge pump circuit
Already available Already available
A detailed spec is here