Providing customization and reduction of design burden by selectable firmware and 3-type of outputs

April 26, 2010

New Japan Radio releases the NJU26060V, audio DSP with PWM modulator

April 26, 2010 - New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. has introduced to the market the NJU26060V, audio DSP with PWM*1 modulator suitable for signal processing of speaker systems such as sound bar and thin type TV.

[Background of development]

In the market of audio equipments such as sound-bar and thin type TV, the increasing of the model's diversification demands more shorter model change cycle. These equipments are often required individual design for each model (customization), because they are required adding value and differentiation in functions. It is heavy burden for engineer in equipment design.

To reduce the burden, New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. has developed the NJU26060V, audio DSP with PWM modulator, 3-type of outputs by 1-chip and various selectable firmware (sound effect technology), which can realize easy customization.



The NJU26060V is a 24bit fixed-point Digital Signal Processor for audio, consists of 3-input 1-output selector, sampling rate converter, 24bit DSP core, PWM modulator, OTP*2 memory and digital interface transmitter. And it can construct signal-processing system with analog input easily, by good combination with the NJU3610 (AD Converter our new product).

No.1  Providing customization and small-lot production by internal OTP-memory
The NJU26060V provides customization in signal processing such as surround effect, by easy selection of firmware written to internal OTP-memory, and small-lot production. New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. offers various surround effects of each licenser including "eala" (our original) as firmware.
No.2  Providing selectable 3-type of outputs by 1-chip
The NJU26060V provides 3-type of outputs, PWM optimized for speaker driving (stereo 2-line), DIT*3 (1-line) and I2S*4 (stereo 3-line). It reduces design burden, such as parts reselection and redesign in model changes, due to selectable 3-type of outputs.
No.3  Providing reduction of designer's burden by internal Sampling Rate Converter
The NJU26060V has Sampling Rate Converter with wide conversion frequency (from 8kHz to 192kHz). The internal converter provides signal with 48kHz sampling frequency output from digital audio signal input with various sampling frequency. So the NJU26060 reduces designer's burden about sampling frequencies. Further, it has 3-input 1-output selector providing easy selecting from various audio source inputs.
*1 :PWM Pulse Width Modulation
*2 :OTP One Time PROM,memory which can write only one time(PROM:Programmable Read Only Memory)
*3 :DIT Digital Interface Transmitter
*4 :I2S The Inter-IC Sound Bus


[Features & Characteristics]


A detailed spec is here
NJU26060 Series