Providing Space Saving of Equipments by Small Package & High Isolation Characteristics

January 22, 2010

New Japan Radio releases the NJG1666MD7, High Isolation SPDT switch GaAs MMIC

January 22, 2010 - New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. has introduced to the market, the NJG1666MD7, high isolation SPDT switch GaAs MMIC, suitable for the signal separation block of TV tuner.

[Background of development]

Recently, the equipments employing multiple tuners, such as FM broadcasting and mobile digital TV,are increasing. Therefore the high isolation SPDT switch suitable for signal separation is required in the market. The equipments requiring higher isolation characteristics such as Set Top Box*) and TV tuner, employ multi-stage connecting of existing SPDT switch or discrete circuit to achieve that characteristics. To supply the benefit, getting higher signal separation characteristics easily. So New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. has developed the NJG1666MD7, high isolation SPDT switch very suitable for the signal separation.



1.Providing high isolation compatible with low insertion loss
The NJG1666MD7 realizes high isolation characteristics (70dB @250MHz, 60dB @2.2GHz) consistent with low insertion loss (0.50dB typ. @f=2200MHz).
2.Small and ultra-thin package
Providing space saving by small and ultra-thin package EQFN14-D7 with dimensions of 1.6×1.6×0.397 mm. Compared with our conventional products(NJG1512HD3:2.0×1.8×0.8 mm), it achieves 28% reduction in space, and provides space saving and downsizing of the PCB.
3.Providing high ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) protective
With built-in protective devices, high ESD protective, above 200V by MM (Machine Model) method and above 3000V by HBM (Human Body Model) method, is realized.
*Set Top Box
The equipment converting broadcasting signal of cable TV, satellite, terrestrial digital and analog to audible, visible signals for television




[Features & Characteristics]


A detailed spec is here