Providing Reducing Part Count and Space Saving by Mounting into Small Package

January 22, 2010

New Japan Radio releases the NJG1139UA2, Wide Band LNA GaAs MMIC with pass-through function

January 22, 2010 - New Japan Radio Co., Ltd has introduced to the market, the NJG1139UA2, wide band LNA GaAs MMIC with pass-through function suitable for portable digital TV.

[Background of development]

Recently, car-navigation system and portable devices which can receive terrestrial digital broadcasting, are becoming increasingly popular. Due to improving sensitivity, the demand for low noise amplifier (LNA) with high gain, high linearity and low noise figure is increasing in the market. To meet these needs, the NJG1129MD7, wide band LNA, was developed on December 2008. Furthermore, New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. has developed the NJG1139UA2 mounted in smaller package than our conventional product, and which can reduce external part count for improving the ease of use.



The NJG1139UA2 consists of low noise amplifier, by-pass circuit and control-logic circuit. It has excellent characteristics such as high linearity, low current consumption and built-in ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) protective circuit. Additionally, it has by-pass mode (Low gain mode). When strong signals that is not necessary to amplifier, for example at areas near broadcast station, come, the signals are passed through by-pass mode that they are not passed through built in LNA, as a result, distortion are not happened.

1.Providing space saving by employing new small package and reducing part count
The NJG1139UA2 employs new small package EPFFP (package size:1.0×1.0×0.37mm) and more it enables reducing external part count such as capacitor and inductor, by optimizing the circuit on chip.
2.Providing wide voltage range operating LNA by low voltage operation
The NJG1139UA2 operates at low operating voltage (1.8V typ.), so it works on system power directly.
3.Providing reducing the defective ratio by high ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) protective
With built-in protective devices, the NJG1139UA2 realizes high ESD protective. So it provides reducing the ESD defective ratio in manufacturing process.



[Features & Characteristics]

[High gain mode] [Low gain mode]


A detailed spec is here