Offering the finest sound to audio fans more widely with the MUSES72320

July 5, 2010

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New Japan Radio releases the MUSES72320 of "MUSES Series" high quality sound 2-channel electronic volume

July 5, 2010 - New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. has introduced to the market, the MUSES72320, high quality sound electronic volume, most suitable for high-end audio equipments.

[Background of development]

New Japan Radio Co., Ltd has already released high quality sound OP-AMPs MUSES01/02 and MUSES8820 as MUSES Series*1. They have been well received by wide range of customers from high-end audio equipment manufacturers to homemade audio fans.

In addition to these OP-AMPs, we have released the MUSES72320, MUSES Series electronic volume,following the development concept of these OP-AMPs.

As an electronic parts manufacturer, we release the MUSES72320, offering consistent solution of finest sound to audio fans more widely.

[Key Features]


The MUSES72320 is a 2-channel electronic volume with ±18V operation for delivering wide dynamic range and high S/N ratio.

It employs ladder type resistance as internal volume, so it can deliver the fine performance, such as low distortion ratio and low output noise (S/N). Furthermore, the MUSES72320 provides high quality sound by circuit constant optimization and chip-layout technology cultivated though the MUSES OP-AMP developing.

Various mode switching can be set through 3-line serial interface, and up to eight MUSES72320s can operate together on the same bus line by chip address select function. The MUSES72320 can operate in combination with our other products such as input-selector and tone-controller. We provide the consistent high sound quality solution by the MUSES72320 in combination with MUSES OP-AMPs.

*1 :MUSES Series
New JRC has been putting great considerable effort into pursuing sound quality such as "improving in reality", "improving in acoustic space reproducibility". The MUSES Series is high quality sound OP-Amp, putting into our all technologies of audio ICs such as circuitry, chip-layout and lead-frame materials.


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