Built amps,selectors,a volume into 1-chip and contributed uncomplicated circuit design

January 23,2009

New Japan Radio releases the NJU7086, High-Power & Low-Voltage Stereo Audio Power Amplifier with Electronic Volume

New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. formally announces the NJU7086, which is High-Power & Low-Voltage Stereo Audio Power Amplifier with Electronic Volume for portable equipments such as a portable DVD, a potable TV, a PND (Portable Navigation Device) and a PC monitor having 1W of stereo amps and headphone amps.

The NJU7086 is a stereo audio power amp having the characteristics of 1W stereo speaker amp, headphone amp, 3-inputs selector and electric volume. The operating voltage is from 2.8V to 5.5V and output power is achieved 1W/ch typ (V+=5V,RL=8Ω,THD=2%) in spite of low operating current(IDD1=8mA typ., BTL connection, @V+=5V,RL=∞, No Signal).

Coupling capacitor less of speaker output is realized due to speaker connection of BTL (Balanced Transformer Less)style and switching detection function between BTL connection (speaker output) and single-ended connection (headphone) is being inserted.

The gain is adjusted by 2 external resistors and NJU7086 will contribute uncomplicated circuit design such as pop noise happened when switching to standby mode and EMI noise.

Additionally, due to building circuits structuring by a number of parts such as amp / selector / volume into 1-chip, the NJU7086 contribute to reduce a number of external parts and miniaturization of PCB board.

The NJU7086, which can provide 1W of output required from portable equipments and built multi-circuits into 1-chip, is optimal for a portable DVD, a portable TV and a PND.

The NJU7086 features;
  1. Building a lot of function such as 1W of stereo speaker amp / headphone amp / 3-input selector / electric volume into 1-chip.
  2. Control by I2C.
  3. Inclusion of switching function of Differential output and Single ended output.
Product Name NJU7086
Function Stereo Audio Power Amp with Electric Volume
Applications Portable DVD / Portable TV / PND(Portable Navigation)
PC Monitor / Rear Seat Monitor(CAR) etc.
Packaging LQFP48-R3

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