Wide view angle, key scan function and I2C BUS control lighten designer's burden

March 19,2009

New Japan Radio releases the NJU6541A,NJU6541B, 480-Segment LCD controller driver with key scan function

New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. announces the NJU6541A/B, LCD controller driver with key scan function which can display 480-Segment (max.) by One chip.

Recently, the increasing of digital audio and radio's popularity demands car-mounted LCD panels capable of displaying ever-growing volumes of text.

And due to fashion-oriented design, it is moving toward multi-segment type LCD panel integrating clock, air-conditioner and audio displays, called information panel. Additionally, high quality displays with wide view angle range are also in demand in information panel, so low duty ratio operating and multi-segment display are necessary functions in LCD control driver by above reasons. The NJU6541A and NJU6541B are 480-Segment (4Com×120Seg) LCD controller drivers developed to meet the market requests.

The NJU6541A/B have LCD controller/driver, electric volume for contrast control, power on reset circuit and key scan circuit. They are housed in LQFP144(22.0×22.0×1.75mm) package and can display 480-segment (4Com×120Seg Max.) LCD by One chip.Due to low duty ratio operation of static, 1/2, 1/3 and 1/4, the high display quality (wide view angle range) required for the information panel is achieved.

And the NJU6541A/B further incorporate a key scan circuit(5-out×6-in Matrix) and I2C interface(NJU6541A), so they lighten designer's burden. The operating temperature range is -40 to +105°C centigrade required from car audio equipments.The NJU6541A/B with multi-segment display function and high display quality, are suitable for car-mounted LCD panel called information panel.

The NJU6541A/NJU6541B features;
  1. 4Com×120Seg (max. 512Seg).
  2. 30Key scan function (5-out×6-in Matrix).
  3. Duty : Static,1/2,1/3,1/4
  4. Electric volume 8 levels.
  5. Operation Wave Pattern Selectivity : A wave and B wave
  6. Wide Operating Temperature Range : -40 to 105°C
Product Name NJU6541A NJU6541B
Function 4Com×120Seg (Max.480Seg) LCD Controller Driver
Applications I2C Interface Serial Interface
Package Outline QFN16-44

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