New equalizing functions provides a fine adjustment of sound on TV & Audio Equipments

June 16, 2009

New Japan Radio releases the NJU26124, Digital Signal Processor for TV & Audio Equipments

June 16, 2009 - New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. has introduced to the market the NJU26124 - a DSP*1 employing new equalizing functions that provide a fine sound adjustment of audio equipments such as TV, Speaker-system, Car-audio, Mini-component stereo.

[Background of development]

Recently, in TV & Audio Equipment market, cost-down and fashion-oriented design make the acoustic quality reduced, because of miniaturized speaker size, inappropriate speaker locations and small aperture ratio of speaker box. And it is important grate request in TV & Audio market to improve the acoustic quality by equalizing functions.

The demand of improving acoustic quality with equalizing functions is increasing in the market. To meet these needs, New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. has developed the NJU26124, DSP for TV & Audio Equipments.


Conventional DSP has a PEQ*2 as one of functions, employing 5 to 10 bands at most. The NJU26124 has two modes of grate equalizing function,"FIR*3 Filter+3-band PEQ" and "multi-band PEQ + time alignment" and it can select a suitable mode for customer's development environment.

1. "FIR Filter + 3-band PEQ" mode
The FIR Filter with 512-tap par channel(stereo) can provide a frequency response adjustment with less distortion, and furthermore 3-band PEQ can realize the sound settings meeting the demand of manufacturer and consumer preference, musical genres.
2. "Multi-Band PEQ + Time Alignment" mode
The NJU26124 can select the channels from 2-channel (L/R each one channel) to 6-channel (L/R each three channels) as input and output. On 2-channel output mode, it can use 26-band PEQ, and on also 6-channel output mode, it can use 8-band PEQ. Therefore it can adjust the sound quality on multi-channel outputs.
Furthermore, the NJU26124 provides the wide adjustment of sound, because it can select one filter as an equalizer at every band, among five filters, PEQ, LPF*5, HPF*4, LSF*6 and HSF*7. And, built-in delay device for time-alignment providing 18msec (max.) time-delay at one-channel, makes the listening position most suitable.


*1 :DSP:Digital Signal Processor / *2 :PEQ:Parametric Equalizer / *3 :FIR:Finite Impulse Response / *4 :HPF:High Pass Filter
*5 LPF:Low Pass Filter / *6 LSF:Low Shelf Filter / *7 HSF:High Shelf Filter

Product Name NJU26124
Function FIR Filter + 3-band PEQ,8 to 26-band PEQ,(LPF,HPF,LSF,HSF),Time Alignment delay,muster volume trim
Applications TV / Speaker-system / Car-audio / Mini-component stereo
Packaging SSOP24-C2

[Features & Characteristics]


A detailed spec is here