Advanced virtual surround system reproduces more natural 3D acoustic field

June 15, 2009

New Japan Radio releases the NJU26040-09D, Digital Signal Processor employing SRS TruSurround HD/HD4

June 15, 2009 - New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. has introduced to the market the NJU26040-09D, - a DSP employing new virtual surround SRS TruSurround HD/HD4 which is an upgrade from the SRS TruSurround XT, and FOCUS technology. It provides a natural 3D acoustic field reproduction to TVs and front multi speaker systems. (TruSurround HD/HD4 and FOCUS are developed by U.S.-based SRS Labs, Inc.)

[Background of development]

Recently, popularity of terrestrial digital broadcasting, DVD and Blu-ray Disc demands 5.1-channel surround-compatible TVs and AV systems for households'use. But, there are some problems such as complexity of playback system and cumbersome wiring for 5.1-ch surround speaker systems.New Japan Radio has developed the NJU26040-09D, DSP which can enjoy real and high quality 3D acoustic field reproduction easily.


1.SRS TruSurround HD/HD4 reproduces high quality 3D acoustic field reproduction
The SRS TruSurround HD features treble enhancement definition (unlike the SRS TruSurround XT), SRS TruBass bass enhancement, and treble correction definition for extra-clear virtual surround across a wide frequency range. Also, unlike SRS TruSurround XT configured for front two-speaker surround, the TruSurround HD4 is configured for four (two front and two rear) stereo speakers, and four-channel amps, for dramatically superior surround effect and 3-D acoustic reproduction.
2.SRS FOCUS reproduces a natural acoustic field with sound elevation equal to TV screen level
The SRS FOCUS is a sound elevating technology. It can elevate the sound equal to TV screen level, if speakers are located lower area of TV. Therefore, it reproduces a natural acoustic field.
3.Advanced Bypass Mode provides the sound effects meeting the demand of user
The NJU26040-09D has TruSurround HD/HD4 on/off function, and more Advanced Bypass Mode which can operate TruBassII, Definition and Dialog Clarity independently. So it can realize the sound setting meeting the demand of user.


Product Name NJU26040-09D
Function DSP with SRS TruSurround HD/HD4
Applications TV, TV rack, Front Multi Speaker-Systems
Packaging SSOP32

[Features & Characteristics]


A detailed spec is here