Contributed small foot-print PCBs and cost reduction due to pins configuration sharing and built-in amps

February 12,2009

New Japan Radio releases the NJM2752,NJM2753,NJM2755, 2/3/4 Input and 1 Output Stereo Audio Selector

New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. formally announces the 2/3/4 input and 1 output stereo audio selector NJM2752/53/54 for AV equipments with multi-inputs such as a TV, a car audio and a DVD player.

Heretofore, few 2/3 input and 1 output inserting in AV equipments are satisfied with audio characteristics (low distortion and low noise) requiring in markets, so there are times to be substituted 4/input selector with the excellent characteristics instead of them. As a result, demand is increased to supply with 2/3/4 input,1 output selector with the excellent characteristics for audio equipments to save the PCB(Printed Circuit Board) mounting area, reduce the cost and curtail the design manpower by the reasons of speeding up the model cycle. The NJM2752(2-input) / NJM2753(3-input) / NJM2755(4-input) were developed by the above requests.

The NJM2752/53/55 are an audio selector consisted of switches and buffer amplifiers and each pin configuration is same. So, if it is designed pin configuration in the PCB on base of the one of NJM2755 (16 pins), it can standardize PCB of equipments with 2 to 4 inputs.

Additionally, due to analog technology save in New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. for a long time, they realized the excellent audio characteristics such as low distortion (THD=0.0009%) and low noise (Vno=-114dBV), which contributes high quality sounds.

New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. has prepared 3 types of audio selectors (2-input/3-input/4-input) to meet requirements from clients. The NJM2752/53/55 are having buffer amplifiers inside required after analog SW so that they will contribute small-footprint of PCBs and cost reduction.

The NJM2752/53/55 are having the excellent audio characteristics such as low distortion and low noise and contribute small-footprint of PCBs and cost reduction and suitable for AV equipments with multi-input such as a TV, car audio equipment and a DVD player.

The NJM2752/53/55 features;
  1. Ease to change the number of inputs due to pin compatibility among NJM2752, NJM2753 and NJM2755.
  2. Contributed high quality sounds due to the excellent audio characteristics
  3. No requirement of external op-amps due to built-in buffer amps.
Product Name NJM2752 NJM2753 NJM2755
Function 2 Input stereo audio selector 3 Input stereo audio selector 4 Input stereo audio selector
Applications Television, Car Audio, DVD Recorder, AV (Audio Visual) equipments
Packaging TVSP10

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