Integrating video amplifier,selector switch and isolation amplifiers on one chip
helps reducing space of home-theater

April 27,2009

New Japan Radio releases the NJM2525,
SD/HD 4-channel video driver with ground noise isolation amplifier

New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. announces the NJM2525, SD/HD*1 4-channel video driver with ground noise isolation amplifier.

[Background of development]

Recently, the increasing of Blu-ray Disc's popularity demands the video driver for analog high definition image. In home-theater and DVD-stereo market, due to cost reduction and space-saving, S-video-terminal less equipment is on the increase. The mainstream product of analog video driver in market is 6-channel driver (3ch: for component-terminal, 2ch: for S-video-terminal*2, 1ch: for composite-terminal) now. So the designers have to use only four drivers in video driver IC.


The NJM2525 is the analog video driver developed for closing this problem. The NJM2525 consists of isolation amplifier, input selector switch, video driver (6dB amplifier, 75-ohm driver for SD image), 3ch 75-ohm driver for HD image, Y/C Mix circuit, power-save circuit and LPF selector switch. It is suitable for home-theater and DVD-stereo, capable of making space-saving of circuit board by integrating 4-channel video amplifier and selector switch into one chip.

  1. Integrating circuits suitable for home-theater into one chip helps space-saving.
  2. Isolation amplifier reducing noise of external connection equipments for keeping high quality image.
  3. Analog high definition signal corresponding for high quality image.
*1 :SD/HD:SD: Standard Definition / HD: High Definition
*2 :S-Video-Terminal:input terminal for S-video signal transmission, separated from composite signal to brightness and color signal

Product Name NJM2525
Function SD/HD 4-channel video driver with ground noise isolation amplifier
Applications Home-Theater, DVD-Stereo
Packaging SSOP32

[Features & Characteristics]


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