The driver and receiver deliver a differential transmission of video signal easily and image with a few noises

March 23,2009

New Japan Radio releases the NJM2504,NJM2507, Differential Transmission Driver/Receiver for video signal

New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. announces the NJM2504/2507, differential transmission driver/receiver suitable for video signal transmission between camera and monitor such as car-mounted camera, security camera.

Recently, uplift of the safety and security consciousness raises demand for car-mounted camera and security camera.  It is commonly used a long cable line for video signal transmission between camera and monitor, so it occurs a disorder of the image because of external noise superimpose.The NJM2504/2507 achieve a differential transmission between camera and monitor that is less affected by external noise superimpose.

The NJM2504/2507 consist of 6dB amplifier, 75ohm driver and sag correction circuit, and can make a difference transmission circuit with using the NJM2504 as driver and the NJM2507 as receiver.They are most suitable for analog video signal transmission especially composite signal. Furthermore, because of common mode noise rejection in difference input circuit, they can deliver a signal transmission with fewer noises.

The NJM2504/2507 have a low operating current (NJM2504 : 16mA , NJM2507 : 10mA) and the characteristics guaranteed at 105 °C. So they are most suitable for video signal transmission of car-mounted camera, security camera.

The NJM2504/2507 features;
  1. Capable of making video signal differential transmission easily.
  2. Low operating current (NJM2504 : 16mA , NJM2507 : 10mA).
  3. Characteristics at 105°C is guaranteed.
Product Name NJM2504 NJM2507
Function Differential Signal Driver for video signal Differential Signal Receiver for video signal
Applications Car-mounted camera / Security camera
Packaging TVSP8

[ Features and Characteristics ]

[System Example]

NJM2504,NJM2507 system example


NJM2504 Block Diagram

NJM2507 Block Diagram


A detailed spec is here