Contributed a cost reduction and a small-footprint due to miniaturization of balance signal SW

February 23,2009

New Japan Radio releases the NJG1662MD7, Contributed a cost reduction and a small-footprint due to miniaturization of balance signal SW

New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. formally announces X-SPDT*1 Switch for balanced signals*2(Henceforth X-SPDT) NJG1662MD7, which is suitable for switch of balance signal using in a cellular phone and data communication card.

In a receiving circuits block for a cellular phone, received signals past through antenna are shifted to balanced signals*2 in switching of balanced dual band filter*3 and output and handled in RF-IC*4. The balanced signals from switching of balanced dual band are output at a pair of signal lines, so a switch for the balanced signals which is ease to shift a pair of signal lines are required in case of terminals with 2-bands. New Japan Radio Co., Ltd developed NJG1642HE3 (released on Mar. 27th in 2006) to be ease to shift the balanced signals. The NJG1662MD7 takes over the NJG1642HE3 characteristics and EQFN14-D7 package is smaller than the one of NJG1642HE3.

The NJG1662MD7 consists of 2 circuits of SPDT switches and logic circuits and synchronizes 2 circuits of built-in SPDT by a logic circuit and makes the 2 lines of balanced signal switched.

Compared with the size of NJG1642HE3, NJG1662MD7 adopts EQFN14-D7, which is around 54% of smaller in surface ratio and around 50% of lower in height ration and realizes small-footprint of PCB. Additionally, it does not include lead and halogen so contributes to reduce the environmental burden.

Moreover, no external phase compensation is required due to a feature of low phase error between balanced signals within ±3deg. And The NJG1662MD7 contributes the alleviation of burdens for PCB design due to X-Style*5 switch, which makes external signal lines not cross on a PCB (Printed Circuit Board).

The NJG1662MD7, which has the specification of phase error between balanced signals within ±3deg(max.) and is X-Style*5 switch, contributes miniaturization of PCB and alleviation of burdens for designers. The NJG1662MD7 is suitable for switches for the balanced signals of a cellular phone and a data communication card.

The NJG1662MD7 features;
  1. No required to cross signal line outside of an IC (on a PCB) due to crossing the signals inside of the IC.
  2. Small in mount area compared with using 2 pcs of SPDT switches.
  3. Small phase difference between balance signals within ±3deg.
  4. Built-in ESD(Electrostatic Discharge) protection circuits.
  5. Low control voltage(VCTL(H)=+1.3V min.)
*1 X-SPDT :
means cross single pole double throw.
*2 Balanced signals :
mean differential, which is used a pair of signal lines for data transmission and the signals are showed by a potential difference between the signal lines. The balanced signals are not influence by ground level and have high common mode rejection ration compared with the unbalanced signals.
*3 Balanced dual band filter :
Filter combined band pass filter and balun (Balanced to Unbalanced Transformer).
*4 RF-IC :
Radio Frequency Transceiver Integrated Circuit
*5 X-Style :
Style that crosses the signal inside an IC and not outside an IC (on a PCB). New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. regards the balanced signals switch as [X-Switch].

Product Name NJG1662MD7
Function X-SPDT Switch for balanced signals
Applications Cellular Phone Data Communication Card
Packaging EQFN14-D7 (1.6×1.6×0.397mm typ.)

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