Contributed cost reduction of cellular phone due to the combination with CMOS RF-IC

February 20,2009

New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. announces the NJG1135MD7, CDMA Dual Band LNA with Bypass function

New Japan Radio Co., Ltd formally announced the CDMA dual (800MHz+1900MHz) band Low Noise Amplifier (henceforth LNA) with bypass function GaAs MMIC NJG1135MD7.

Recently, as a method to reduce the cost of cellular phone, CMOS process of RF-IC*1 is in progress. Existing LNAs are generally built in RF-IC*1, however, it is hard to consist of an LNA with high quality in CMOS process, and so an external LNA is required as an external part. To reduce the cost for using CMOS process, an external LNA with a high linearity is required as an external part. NJG1135MD7 is satisfied with the above requirements and is CDMA Dual Band (800MHz/1900MHz) LNA with bypass function.

The NJG1135MD7 consists of LNA circuits, a bypass circuit and control logic circuits and has high linearity characteristics (IIP3 +10dBm typ.@ f=880MHz / IIP3 +8dBm typ.@ f=1960MHz) to adopt high quality HJ FET process. Additionally, to protect amp distortion by inputs of intense electric field happened near base-station, the NJG1135MD7 has a bypass mode (Low gain mode) not to pass signals to amplifier circuits and realizes low current consumption to make standby status of noise figure amplifier circuits.

The package is small and thin one, EQFN14-D7 (1.6×1.6×0.397mm typ.), which is able to realize small-footprint PCB(Printed Circuit Board) and reduce the environmental burdens due to lead-free and halogen-free. The NJG1135MD7 has high linearity and low noise figure characteristics and adopts EQFN14-D7 package to save PCB space. And the NJG1135MD7 makes RF-IC*1 of CDMA band of 800MHz and 1900MHz CMOS easily as a result, contributes a cost reduction of cellular phone.

The NJG1135MD7 features;
  1. Had a high linearity and realized IIP3 +10dBm typ.@f=880MHz
     / IIP3 +8dBm typ.@f=1960MHz(High gain mode).
  2. Built-in Switch to High gain mode and Low gain mode.
  3. Realized low current consumption 30µA(typ.) in low gain mode.
  4. Contributed PCB small-footprint due to adoption of small and thin package(EQFN14-D7).
  5. Realized more than 2kV ESD(Electrostatic Discharge) level by HBM(Human Body Model) due to built-in protection circuits.
*1 :RF-IC
Radio Frequency Transceiver Integrated Circuit

Product Name NJG1135MD7
Function CDMA Dual Band LNA with bypass function
Applications Cellular phone
Packaging EQFN14-D7 (1.6×1.6×0.397mm typ.)

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